Travel Now Pay Later

Fly Now, Pay Later

Book Your travel & enjoy a flexible payment plan that’s

great for you.

Desperate to jet off somewhere but prefer spreading the cost?

You can book now and pay later! We just charge a transaction fee

at the time of booking and spread the cost over 3-12 months


   Flexible Repayments

Choose to pay for your trip over a three to 12

month period with no hidden extras. You can pay

off your balance early completely free of charge.


 Fast and Easy

It only takes a few minutes to sign up for Fly Now Pay Later and you can access your account any time to check your remaining balance


Safe & Secure

You benefit from total protection in the unlikely event of financial failure for your booking.


If you tick all four of the boxes below, you are eligible to apply for Fly Now, Pay Later


How Fly Now, Pay Later works

Step 1 : Choose your next flight – Search our worldwide flights provided by over 200 airlines.

Step 2: Go to the checkout – At checkout, select Fly Now Pay Later Option

Step 3: Sign up & pay – Set up your account in seconds, and then book!



Frequently Asked Questions

1.When will I receive my flight tickets if I book “Fly Now Pay Later?

You will receive your flight ticket after completing the booking process and you can choose to pay off the balance before or after your departure date, the choice is yours!

2.Is there a credit check?

Yes, Fly Now Pay Later will carry out all the necessary checks before offering you a payment plan to suit you.

3.Are there any charges if my application is declined?

No. You will not be charged if you are not offered a Fly Now Pay Later payment plan. You will be notified by email to confirm the reason why you were declined.

4.Can I book multi-city trips on a Fly Now Pay Later plan?

Yes, if it’s available to book, you can opt for Fly Now Pay Later option.

5.Can I arrange my repayment date?

Yes, however, some conditions apply, If your due date is within the next seven days, and you request a repayment date change, this date can not take effect until the following month.

6.What could my repayment plan look like?

Representative example: Borrowing NGN 300,000 over 9 months, a one off transaction fee of 10% is payable (fixed), you will repay 9 months of NGN 30,000 per month.

Total amount payable NGN330,000

Travel Explorer introduces ‘ Buy Now, Pay Later’ Option to its customers to with the flexibility to book and pay for their future travel over a 12-month period with annual percentage rate of 10%