Group Booking

MyTravel Explorer is the travel management platform that combines the best of leisure and corporate travel with 7-star customer support for smooth business trips.

Your group trips can be integrated with your MyTravel Explorer booking tool so you can manage all your business travel in one place.

We make corporate group travel bookings easier.

Ditch the stress and let us handle everything. Whether it’s a team building event, incentive travel, a corporate meeting, or conference. From hotels and flights to check-in, ground transportation, we’ve got you covered                     

Save time and money

We take all the hassle out of negotiating group rates, allowing you to focus on what matters.

No nasty surprises

Our amazing customer care team covers issues with flight and hotels, as well as anything else we’ve planned for you. Every traveller on the trip will have access to our 24/7, 7-star customer support.

We take care of every detail

Your travel concierge goes the extra mile. Free breakfasts for your travellers, team activity booking and more. Anything your business traveller need, our group travel experts will make it happen.

Let’s get started with on-boarding Travel Explorer today, and deployment of our corporate booking platform to your distinguished organisation.

Worldwide business travel insurance

Our worldwide business travel insurance is perfect for corporate travellers as it covers business-related items and can be adjusted to personal needs. Among the typical items covered by business travel insurance are:

  • Lost luggage and personal items
  • Travel expenses, cancellations and delays
  • Medical treatment and related transport
  • Business equipment
  • Laptops and other electronic devices
  • Money carried for business

How worldwide business travel insurance work:

Corporate travellers can choose between single-trip and multi-trip policies. Logically, single trip policies cover a traveller for the duration of one-trip. Multi-trip policies cover a pre-arranged period of time, for example a year, during which your traveller will be insured on all trips. Both types of insurance will cover your business traveller on domestic and international trips.

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