Travel Explorer Corporate
Travel Booking Platform

Our Online Corporate Booking Platform lets you book, manage, and report all your business trips in one place. It’s a complete solution for SME and Corporates to drastically improve the way business travel is managed.

Travel management is undergoing a huge shift-away from micromanaging towards trust, transparency, and simplicity.

The fact is that ‘control’ and ‘compliance’ have dominated the conversation around corporate travel management for some time. And it’s no wonder, business travel is the 2nd largest expense after employee salaries, and when managed effectively, companies realize $12.50 or more in incremental revenue for every dollar invested in business travel.

Today, business travellers demand easy self-booking and greater travel options. Simultaneously, companies want to reduce costs and improve the ROI of corporate travel.

Travel Explorer Corporate Travel Booking Platform will help you achieve all of these goals and more. We can manage your corporate travel by controlling, tracking, and reporting all your company’s travel-related expenses.

Our Roles

As travel Management Company we take charge of everything to do with travel management, and giving your employee the tools they need to manage travel in a fraction of the time. This includes:

Self-booking within policy

Group booking.

Travel support.

Travel spend reporting

Travel policy creation

Travel budget tracking.

Tagging and categorizing travel spend

Benefits of our corporate travel booking platform

  • All your business travel in one place
  • Automated travel policies and approvals
  • Put your own limit on the world’s biggest trip inventory.
  • Define a travel policy and approval workflow in few minutes.
  • Full control, no micromanagement.
  • You can create and customize your ideal travel policy with ease.
  • Simple setup, even simpler to rollout. Test and optimize as you go.
  • Over 90% compliance – Travel policies make it simple for business travellers to stay on budget, and enjoy the freedom of managing their own travel without micromanagement.
  • Automated Approvals.
  • Flexibility & controls – You decide how strict your travel program should be.
  • Manually approve when needed.
  • Unrestricted – All travellers can book any flight or hotel.
  • Strict – All bookings require approval before confirmation.
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